Month of Mindfulness

This month, challenge yourself to take some time to practice mindfulness! You have all been doing a wonderful job during our distance learning time! However, things can still get overwhelming and stressful. Make sure you are taking time to do things you enjoy and taking time to relax!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply noticing what is happening right now. It is noticing how your body feels and what you see, smell, and even taste. Mindfulness is also noticing what your mind is doing. Is it really full of different information? Is it racing with thoughts and worries? Or is it still and calm?

When you practice mindfulness and take time to notice what is happening around you, it can help you calm down when you're experiencing big feelings, deal with tough emotions, focus more deeply, and make you feel happy and good.

Instead of a classroom lesson this month, I want to challenge you all to practice mindfulness either through the mindfulness bingo board or through mindful coloring - both of which can be found below.

Daily Mindfulness Bingo

Try to practice at least 4 of these mindfulness activities each day to get 4 in a row. See if you can get a Bingo each day! Notice how you are feeling as you complete the activities. What are you noticing about yourself? What do you notice about your environment?

Daily Mindfulness BINGO - Counselor Keri.pdf

Mindful Coloring

A fun way to practice your mindfulness and focus your mind on the present is through coloring! Print out a coloring page below and spend some time relaxing through creativity. Try not to worry about what happened yesterday, what is going to happen tomorrow, or even what you are going to do when you finish coloring. Instead, focus all of your attention on your coloring. If you feel like you made a mistake, just breathe and move on. It is all part of the experience in practicing your mindfulness.

I’d love to see your artwork when you’re finished! Take a picture and email it to me at

Hello Winter.pdf
Mittens 2.pdf
Let it Snow.pdf