Mindfulness Activities

Nature Walk or Mindful Safari

Spending time outside is great for your physical and mental well-being. Being surrounded by nature can help you practice mindfulness and connect with yourself. There are so many sights, sounds, smells, and textures out in nature. These will all help add to your mindfulness practice. You don’t even have to go far to practice mindfulness in nature. You could simply stand outside your front door and focus on your senses. If you choose to walk around, make sure you are walking silently so that you can notice all the little details around you.

What can you see? What does it look like? What colors and textures stand out to you?

What can you smell?

What do you hear, both close up and in the background?

What do you feel? What do you physically feel in your body as you are standing there? What do you feel emotionally as you are looking around at nature? Is there anything you can touch? What does that feel like?

Mindful Coloring

A fun way to practice your mindfulness and focus your mind on the present is through coloring! Print out a coloring page below and spend some time relaxing through creativity. Try not to worry about what happened yesterday, what is going to happen tomorrow, or even what you are going to do when you finish coloring. Instead, focus all of your attention on your coloring. If you feel like you made a mistake, just breathe and move on. It is all part of the experience in practicing your mindfulness.

I’d love to see your artwork when you’re finished! Take a picture and email it to me at akoll@triton.k12.mn.us

Mindfulness Coloring 2.pdf
Mindfulness Coloring 1.pdf
Mindfulness Coloring 3.pdf

Yoga and Guided Imagery

Daily Mindfulness Bingo

Try to practice at least 4 of these mindfulness activities each day to get 4 in a row. See if you can get a Bingo each day! Notice how you are feeling as you complete the activities. What are you noticing about yourself? What do you notice about your environment?

Daily Mindfulness BINGO - Counselor Keri.pdf